This Guy’s Story About His Dog And A 34 Year Old Family Secret Is Just Great


Heartwarming stuff.

Most of the time when you’re scrolling the Twitter timeline it’s just people complaining about stuff or trying to be ironic and wacky, but sometimes you come across something that really does grab you and move you, and this guy’s story about his dog and a 34 year old family secret really is one of those times.

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The story plays out like a coming of age movie or The Goonies or something and really is guaranteed to leave a smile of your face. I’ll let Matt Frost take it away himself:

Isn’t that cute? I bet it bought a smile to your face whilst you’re reading this at work and really hating being back after the four day weekend.

Couple of things that don’t quite add up about it, like what the hell these people did when they found out their dog had gone and how the hell they never saw it again in all of its life in such a small town, or how the bad family never saw the missing dog signs and go and claim their dog back, if it even was their dog in the first place of course, but I think I’ll let that slide because it’s just so heartwarming.

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