Video Shows Supermarket Scrap Descend Into Full On MMA Fight

MMA Fight Supermarket

Who took the last loaf of bread? 

MMA is so popular these days that MMA fights seem to break out all over the place, but I doubt anyone thought they would be seeing one in their local supermarket any time soon.

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That’s exactly why the video below is so bizarre, as two guys seem to have thrown down their shopping and are determined to beat the tar out of each other in a disciplined and methodical fashion. These guys do look like they know what they’re doing from the way they’re moving and going for each other, which makes it all the more upsetting that some old woman comes in and breaks it up by putting her trolley in between them. Absolute jokes that this seems to be enough for them to give up and walk away though:

Yep that woman really knows how to lay down the law right?

If you’re wondering where you need to go to witness scenes like these, then the answer is Pak’n Save supermarket in Mangere in Auckland’s south. They should start their own Fight Club round the back or something as that would surely get the punters in to purchase refreshments in between rounds.

For more MMA outside of the octagon, check out this street fight. One of the best you’ll ever see, guaranteed.


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