Guys Go Waterskiing On River Severn, Find Seven Foot Dead Bluefin Tuna Fish


It was hundreds of miles from its natural habitat.

If I was waterskiing down the River Severn (yes OK never likely to happen in history), then there’s probably a few things that I wouldn’t expect to find, but right there at the top of the list is probably going to be a seven foot bluefin tuna that’s natural habitat is hundreds of miles away in the sea.

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Nevertheless, the world works in mysterious ways and friends Kevin Brady, Steve Burgess and Alec Foster managed to find one when they went down the river this weekend around some place called Minsterworth. Initially shocked by what they saw thinking it was some crazy sea monster, they investigated further and eventually figured out hat it was a bluefin tuna, stranded miles from home:

Yep, that’s definitely something you don’t expect to see every day isn’t it? No idea how this tuna had managed to make it from its warm sea home down the river to here, but you imagine it just swam there by accident before realising it couldn’t survive there and sadly dying for these three guys to find. Sad.

No idea what happened to it, but like most of these things I’m glad that there’s pretty much no chance of me ever running into one of them. Like the biggest snake in the world that got found in Brazil a couple of days ago. Good riddance.


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