The Biggest Snake In History Has Been Discovered In Brazil


Imagine that motherfucker slithering towards you.

When I saw the Ice Cube movie classic ‘Anaconda’ about 20 years ago, I was pretty grateful that there was pretty much no way that such gigantic snakes could actually exist anywhere in the real world.

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Turns out I was completely wrong though and they’re actually out there, waiting to get me as soon as they can, as you can see by the fact that the biggest snake in the world was recently discovered over in Brazil. Naturally it’s an anaconda too, clocking in at an amazing 33 foot long. That’s 10 metres if you’re that way inclined.

The snake also weighs 400kg and has a 3 metre diameter. It was discovered after an explosion at the Belo Monte dam in Altamira, Pará. It’s not clear how it died but chances are it did so in the explosion and wasn’t killed so these guys could put it on the back of a truck and make YouTube videos of it. Given the fact that anacondas can eat humans though I’m kinda glad there isn’t any chance of me ever coming up against it ever to be honest:

Yeah imagine that motherfucker slithering towards you. No thanks. Kinda glad it’s gone like I said.

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