Guy Trolls The Tour De France By Pulling A Wheelie Alongside Winning Team

Guy Trolls Tour De France With Wheelie

As far as we’re concerned this guy won the Tour De France, not Vincenzo Nibali.

You might have seen or heard that Italian Vincenzo Nibali won the Tour De France last night after safely finishing comfortably inside the peloton in Paris.

However, it’s unlikely that unless you were watching the Tour De France live (which let’s face it is pretty unlikely) then you would have missed this excellent piece of trolling from some random guy. Nibali and his team were riding at the head of the race at some point when this dude decided to ride alongside them – but off the official track of course – and pull off a completely sick wheelie like a complete boss.

It’s a shame that the Eurosport commentators didn’t seem to notice him because it’s about 1000 times more exciting than whatever they’re talking about. At least a couple of the riders seemed to pick up on it and enjoy it though. I guess it sure beats people getting in the road trying to take selfies with the peloton.


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