Guy Tells PC Students That He’s A 6’5’’ 7-Year-Old Girl And They Believe Him

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We’re just breaking all the boundaries, dude.

So there’s an ongoing debate in the media at the moment on which toilets a transgender man or woman should be allowed to use – surprisingly, Trump gave an actual decent response when presented with this question. As part of the wider picture, gender and racial identification is a hot topic.

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Bottom line is, treat everyone as you would want to be treated yourself. If you’re a man who wants to be a woman and wants to be treated as a woman, then everyone should respect that and provide them with that right. No one should be discriminated against for trying to act out how they feel on the inside.

However, if you’re a tall Caucasian male, trying to apply to a year-one school class as a 6’5’’ Asian woman, that might just be a little bit hard to swallow. But not for some people. Joseph Backholm, director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington made the video below as a way to show that the PC police at American universities might have just gone a little bit too far.

Check it out:

I mean, did you see how some of them were trying so hard to justify accepting that he was a 6’5’’ female first-grader? Most of them seem really confused trying to explain themselves without giving up their façade – they just threw in a couple of words relating to rights and boundaries and laughed off the fact that what he was proposing was utterly ridiculous.

I tell you what – if Triumph The Insult Dog were there, he would have had something to say about it.


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