A Guy Stuffed A Bag Of Cocaine In His Foreskin To Hide It From Police

Unfortunately, it was a strip search.

You sometimes think about what you would do to hide drugs on yourself if the cops raided the party or whatever – mainly after watching an episode of Narcos or something – but most of the options are useless and are always going to get found out if the cops are even halfway good at their jobs.

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One option I never considered though was to stick a baggie in my foreskin, but it turns out that that hiding place is just as shit as up your bum or in your sock because 21 year old James Mason got busted with it up there recently. Having said that though, the student sounds like he was being a complete bell end to be fair – pun intended – and could have easily gotten away with it if he hadn’t been such an outrageous idiot. Check yourself pal.

James Mason

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Mason was attending a party at the weekend at a student accommodation block in Newcastle when the police were called because of a disturbance. They searched the place and found no drugs, but Mason decided to get in their faces and shout at them and threaten to batter them for screwing up the party.

Obviously this was a terrible idea and they arrested him for being drunk and disorderly and took him to the station. Whilst in the back of the car they noticed him fiddling around with his shoe and putting his hand down his pants and got a bit suspicious of him. They decided to strip search him at the station and found the baggy of coke behind his foreskin. Busted.

Mason admitted to possession of class A drugs and being drunk and disorderly and fined £120. It all could have been quite easily avoided though, so remember next time anything like that happens to you: stick the baggy in your coke and go hang out in another room. Maybe do a bump whilst you’re at it – as long as you don’t provoke the cops you’ll probably be OK.

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