A Guy Stuck His Fingers Up At A Speed Camera And Got A £300 Fine



I’m sure that not one single person reading this hasn’t dreamt about well and truly fucking up a speed camera because they’re pretty much the bane of the Earth, but I doubt if even one of us have had the guts to do anything about it. And now there’s even more reason not to mess with them because even if you just give them the finger then you’re going to get fined for it.

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The picture above (and below) is of a 23 year old guy named Mark Swanson who was driving his silver Daewoo along the A811 in Stirlinghire last May. Unfortunately for him, whilst he decided to give the speed camera the double finger salute he was also going at 70mph in a 60mph zone. Whoops.


Whilst this meant that Mark truly was fucking the speed camera and everything it stood for, it also winded up landing him in Stirling Sheriff Court, where he was also found to be driving without insurance at the time of the incident. Real smart move bozo. He was subsequently fined £300 and banned from driving for another six months. I really doubt that is going to stop him given his previous behaviour though.

To make matters even worse for Mark, Safety Camera Scotland shared the image of him swearing along with the following caption ‘Think speeding & ‘waving’ at the camera (A811 Stirling) – when you’ve no insurance – is cool? Ends in £300 fine. Disq for 6 months. Cool Now?’ Absolute burn.

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