Man Arrested For Speeding Tells Cops He Needs A Shit, Ends Up Shitting Inside The Police Car

It happens.

This dude over in Florida was pulled over for doing 75mph in a 55 zone, and confessed to officers that he was speeding because he desperately needed to get home and take a shit.

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24-year-old Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo actually refused to get out of his car after being stopped and raced the rest of the way home to use the bathroom.

Police however still managed to get to him before he made it inside his home… and the guy ended up shitting himself inside the police car on the way to jail. Nice.


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The question is obviously should Carlos have been arrested for this? I’d say needing to poop is an excellent excuse for driving a little faster than usual, especially as they then found out the hard way he was telling the truth. If you pull over a guy for speeding and he looks you right in the eye and tells you he really needs to take a shit and that’s the only reason he was speeding, then you’ve got to let that man go. It’s just the humane thing to do.

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