Watch This Guy Start On Someone Twice His Size And Get Knocked Out

They don’t always fall that hard.

There’s the old phrase ‘the bigger they come, the harder they fall’, but this is certainly not true in every single situation out there as the video below proves.

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Whilst it is always great to see a big guy get his comeuppance if he’s being a dick to a smaller guy, it’s also great when some small guy is giving it the big one and trying to start fights all the time and he gets completely sparked out. That’s what happens in the video below, which I don’t really have any more context for other than what’s presented in it.

Take a look:

Lol homie got sparked out hey? Love the camera guy’s input in the video just cussing him and throwing his t-shirt on his face after the one punch drop. You really need a guy like that in your corner to take videos like this to the next level. Sterling stuff.

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