This Guy Managed To Pick Up A Girl Using Lyrics To Eminem’s ‘Stan’

Eminem Stan

A+ chirpsing technique.

The age old question when it comes to internet dating/Tinder/whatever always comes down to choosing what kind of a line you should open up your convo with, as it’s pretty much going to set the tone for your whole relationship/lack of a relationship. It’s a big deal.

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Fortunately thanks to this guy, we now know exactly what we need to do to get girls to like us – just change the lyrics to one of the most famous rap songs of recent times to be about dating and you’re in there. Check him out right here, absolutely killing it:

Stan Chirpse 1

Stan Chirpse 2

Stan Chirpse 3

Stan Chirpse 5

Stan Chirpse 6

Well, he might not have got the girl but they got this one onto the front page of Imgur, so maybe they will eventually meet up and the girl will pay for the drinks? What a story that would be for their kids if they ended up getting together.

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As for the rest of us, now we know everything we need to do in order to get that elusive date. If you need any more help on what to do, just check out some of our most recent Tinder nightmares right here. Some people.


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