A Guy Paid $500 For A Storage Locker And Found $7.5 Million Inside

Dan Dotson

Sale of the century.

Have you ever been stuck in a wormhole of daytime/late night TV and found yourself watching that absolute  classic staple of this time slot Storage Wars?

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I’m absolutely certain you have, but in case you haven’t here’s the premise: a bunch of shady Americans bid on unknown storage lockers, hopeful that they’ll find a major haul of loot inside. Of course, this never usually happens and they normally end up with some old shoes or newspapers or something, but it turns out if you keep playing the game long enough, you just might come up with the goods.

Storage Wars Auctioneer Dan Dotson recently revealed in a video which you can see below that one dude purchased a storage locker for $500 and ended up finding $7.5 million in cash inside it. Let that sink in for a minute. $7.5 million in cash. I don’t think I could even fathom what that looked like when it was all laid out there, but this old timer spent probably spent his whole life purchasing junk and salvaging it off and then finally got this incredible payday. They should probably make a movie out of it or something.

Anyway, here’s the video below along with the story:

An older Asian woman at the table next to me kept looking at me like she wanted to tell me something. Eventually she walked up and told me her husband works with a guy who bought a unit from me for $500 and found a safe inside.

The first person they called to open it, I guess couldn’t or didn’t. They called a second person and when that person opened it up… inside the safe they’re normally empty, but this time it wasn’t empty. It had $7.5million (£5.8m) cash inside.

7.5 million inside of a unit, I don’t think you’d forget it, but maybe you were just in a position where somebody else was in charge of it, I don’t know.

No Dan, I don’t think you would forget that you’re right. I imagine that the person who owned the locker was probably killed because they were undoubtedly involved in some nefarious underhand activities if they were keeping that much money in cash lying around. I mean I generally only ever have about £100 on me or in my house at the most extravagant of times, so there’s no way I can believe that someone just has $7.5 million lying around because that’s just how they roll. Put it in the bank or under your bed or something, don’t just leave it lying round dude. Otherwise you’re just gonna get murked and your money’s just gonna get auctioned off to the highest bidder, just saying.

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