Not Even Getting His Legs Nearly Amputated Can Interrupt This Guy’s Important Phone Call

Getting Legs Amputated Not Enough To Stop Phone Call

Stone cold killa.

Last week we featured the commander of the Novorossian army who we described as the most badass man on the planet but it looks like he has a rival here.

This guy is just on his mobile phone watching a dirt bike rally or similar when one of the bikes goes out of control and is heading straight for him and to be honest it’s kind of looking like his legs might get amputated. Anyone else would probably ditch the phone and do their best to get out of the way, but not this guy – he casually jumps over the speeding bike heading towards him and continues his phone call like he’s doing it a million times before. Must have had someone pretty important on the other end of the phone huh?

Badass. As badass as this guy who catches a tear gas canister and throws it back at the cops though?


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