Guy Gets Tesco Clubcard Tattooed On Arm – But Has Only Saved £18 In Six Months



Seems like we’re in a real renaissance era of people getting really stupid tattoos and then saying they don’t regret them whatsoever – only today we had a guy tattooing a pair of Nike trainers on his feet and last week a guy tattooing a six pack on his stomach – and the latest is this guy who got a Tesco Clubcard tattooed on his wrist.

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To be fair, I suppose there is an argument here that having a clubcard tattooed on your wrist is slightly more convenient than getting your phone or wallet out all the time, but again it seems like a bit of a commitment for not much gain. The main problem is that most people are going to think you’re an absolute moron when you explain what it is and in all likelihood Tesco are probably gonna update their app/QR cards in a few months so it will be rendered useless anyway. Just saying.

31 year old Dean Mayhew doesn’t have any regrets about the ink though, despite the fact that he’s used it twice a day since July and has only managed to save £18 so far. Here’s what he had to say about the tattoo:

I still use it all the time. I love the tattoo so much.

Sometimes when I go in there, the cashier doesn’t believe it’s real – I have to tell them ‘just scan it please!’ and they’re shocked.

Everything’s going up in price so I’m always making sure I get it scanned now.

With the points, I’m going to save them up and save towards the cost of Christmas…

Sometimes for presents, in the toy section things will be half the price when you get a Clubcard discount.

I’ve also done in the past where I’ve gone to Tesco and done a big shop, and the points I saved up would take it down by half.

It will help out a lot, especially this year, with everything going up in price.

I definitely don’t regret getting the tattoo.

Lol the way he keeps saying he definitely doesn’t regret the tattoo kinda makes me think that maybe he does a little bit? There’s also one bit in there where he says he’s definitely scanning it all the time now because prices are going up – does that mean there was a period where he wasn’t, despite getting it tattooed on his arm to make it easier for him to get scanned? Something definitely doesn’t quite add up there.

I would also be annoyed that he’s been going twice a day and has barely saved any money? Doesn’t seem like it’s even worth scanning his clubcard at all with savings like that. Is that a problem with Tesco or with what ever Dean is buying though? A lot of questions need to be asked.

For more of the same, check out this woman who tattooed L and R are on her hands to finally tell the difference. I guess if you actually need the help then that is actually pretty useful.



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