Unluckiest Guy Ever Gets Attacked By Girlfriend Then By Passers-By Who Misread The Situation

Most brutal break-up ever.

A holidaymaker who was being attacked by his knife-wielding girlfriend had his night go from bad to worse by three passers-by who misread the situation.

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Initially it was Raffal Kossowski (image below) who heard the woman’s screams coming from a holiday chalet in Towyn, North Wales.

You might forgive the guy for jumping to the wrong conclusion – Raffal ran into the chalet and kicked Daniel Copeland so hard that he broke his arm.

He then dragged him out of the chalet where two other men joined in and battered him as well.



It turned out the victim’s (now ex) girlfriend, Megan Natasha Evans, had been attacking with a knife and already caused him a “serious injury to his abdomen” before the men showed up.

Megan received a two-year prison sentence and Kossowski got 16 month (both suspended for two years).

That’s the thing with having it out with your girlfriend in public. Anyone in the vicinity will automatically assume that the guy is the villain in the situation. Then some hench Polish bloke like Raffal shows up just at the moment she goes into full freak out mode and starts kicking the crap out of you. Guess there’s no time to get the facts straight when you see an opportune moment to be a hero.

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