A Guy Has Found The World’s Biggest Frazzle In His Packet Of Crisps


It’s always kind of bizarrely exciting when you find a giant crisp in your packet, but I don’t think anyone has ever found anything anywhere near the size of what the guy in this article discovered.

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22 year old Sean Stewart picked up a pack of Frazzles from Iceland in Glasgow’s West End on Monday as part of a £1 multipack but I doubt he could have ever believed what he was going to find in there: literally the biggest Frazzle of all time, looking like it was at least three times the size of your regular one. Of course, Sean took to Twitter to document his discovery and it obviously went crazy, because you don’t see something like that every day.

Take another look for yourself:

Major. Some people were sceptical that it was even real and not a Photoshop or some kind of trick, but Stewart explained this by saying that the Frazzle was sticking out of the end of the packet when he opened it:

The bag was already open and it was poking out.

Was raging. Thought it would be soggy when a pulled this out – a Mary Poppins bag a Frazzles.

I mean that sounds plausible – the guy hasn’t really got any reason to lie either so why not believe him? Only question I have for him really is how it tasted snaking down on one of the biggest Frazzles ever and was it worth it? Could have probably put it in a museum.

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