The Biggest Hula Hoop In History Has Been Found In Stroud

Hula Hoop

They say Hula Hoops come in all shapes and sizes, but I don’t think anyone has ever seen one as big as the one you can see above.

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More of a tube than a hoop, the rogue crisp was discovered in the city of Stroud by YouTuber Helen Hollywood, who regularly films herself exploring abandoned buildings for her followers. This Monday though she had a special treat for everyone though when she revealed the monster Hula Hoop in a post on Twitter. She even decided to arrange them in a smiley face to cheer us up on the first day of the week. What a legend:

I mean that is a crazy big Hula Hoop. It almost makes me think that she might have faked it to gain more notoriety for  her YouTube channel or something because it’s so outrageously big that I can’t believe nobody picked up on it before she opened up her little crisp packet. However, she did make me think maybe it was real by saying the following about it:

It’s so much bigger – it’s enormous. I want to eat it but I’m afraid.

I don’t really know what she’s scared of there but you’ve gotta think that if it was fake then she would probably be A OK with eating it as she could just get another one. The fact that it’s a real anomaly though has left her flummoxed and fearful of eating it. Makes sense and has me convinced, sure. At least dumb stuff like this is distracting us from the Brexit vote later.

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