A Guy Followed A Woman Into Pret At 8:30am To Give Her This Horrendous Note

Some people are absolutely terrible.

I always hear stories about guys being complete and utter creeps to women and I often can’t believe my ears because I just can’t imagine any self respecting man doing anything like that, but the sad thing is that it seems like it does happen all the time and yes, all men are absolutely terrible.

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Case in point is this story that a girl called Nicola posted up on Twitter yesterday. Look at the absolute state of this:

I mean what the hell is this guy thinking? Has that ever actually worked for him in terms of having sex with his victim, or is he just doing it solely to scare the absolute shit out of women? In which case I guess he has succeeded but why does he even want to do that?

If you’re reading this and you’re thinking that it’s funny or anything but utterly horrific then do yourself a favour and go to therapy immediately. If you’re reading it this and you’ve done something similar or think that you may, do yourself another favour and go to therapy immediately and just stop doing creepy awful weird stuff like this immediately as well. Seriously.

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