There’s A Creepy Guy Out There Sending Random Girls Voice Notes About Cage Fighting Whilst Masturbating

Cage Fighting

Completely unacceptable behaviour.

Admittedly it’s becoming harder and harder for people to notice you in the modern world of dating thanks to dating apps like Tinder and this may have led men to take even more drastic action in their attempts, but I still don’t think that’s any justification for the way that the guy in this article is acting.

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According to Madeleine Dunne below – who literally has no reason to make this up – she was contacted by a random number on WhatsApp on two separate occasions by some weird guy who wouldn’t stop talking to her about cage fighting. On the second occasion he even sends her a voice note talking about it where it sounds like he’s jerking off!

Get a load of this:

This is such weird behaviour I can’t even fathom why anyone would think that this would be anything but completely creepy and weird, especially when you’re doing it to multiple women by the sound of things. I mean maybe the only way for him to get off is actually to message random women about how he’s a cage fighter whilst masturbating but if it is then maybe he should be seeing a therapist or something rather than acting upon that desire all the goddamn time because there is no way in hell that that’s a normal way to behave.

Hopefully his number is reported now and he won’t be doing this any longer because he’ll be arrested for harassing women. Hopefully all his friends and family find out what a weirdo he is too when that goes down.

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