Guy Finds Hidden Crawlspace In His Loft; Makes Creepy Discovery

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Has anyone seen the movie Sinister?

Like so many Reddit users, a guy called lmbrjack (cool handle bro) just moved into a new house in Illinois and discovered a weird crawlspace in his attic with a lock on it. As any self respecting person would be, he was pretty creeped out by this and so decided to break it off and what he found in there was downright creepy and messed up. Or should we say…..sinister?

Check it out for yourself, then see what he’s got to say about it at the end. Be warned though, this is some downright freaky shit. It starts out with the view from outside the crawlspace then moves to the crawlspace itself, then the locked door, then what was behind the locked door:

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After moving in just 2 weeks ago, they wondered what this was. They assumed it was nothing but decided to investigate.

For an area meant to just store a hot water heater, it's surprisingly nice, carpet included.

If you follow it back, there's a black painted door.

With, of course, a lock on it. Fortunately, lmbrjack wasn't about to go to sleep not knowing what was in there.

Once inside, the first thing he saw was a big black sentry safe.

Another view of the safe.

The walls, floor and ceiling are covered in soundproofing board and plastic tarp, all white. There are 3-4 outlets in the room with a small raised area the size of a single bed. Strange for a crawlspace.

Oh look, a random briefcase.

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