America’s Abandoned Shopping Malls Are Creepy As Hell

Abandoned Malls

When a mall closes down, it doesn’t get demolished. It just hangs out being abandoned for forever.

You probably imagine that shopping malls never close down and they go on forever, filled with people hanging out drinking Starbucks and wandering around aimlessly buying crap that they don’t really need. Unfortunately, the reality is though that many of these shopping malls do close down, and the sad fact is that most of the time there isn’t enough money to demolish them so they just remain there in a state of disrepair for anyone to head into and check out.

And some of those urban explorers do exactly that, and take haunting pictures of abandoned malls where stores like GAP and JC Penney (remember we’re in America) are but distant memories. This stuff is seriously creepy but seriously cool, and makes me really wish I knew where some abandoned malls in this country are so I can go and check them out. If anyone know where any are, holler.

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Rolling Acres Mall: Akron, Ohio

Rolling Acres Mall: Akron, Ohio

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