Guy Fights Kebab Shop Owner For Free Kebab; Gets Absolutely Lamb Donnered To Oblivion

Kebab Shop Wrestling

Fighting for a real cause.

Over in Perth, Australia, a couple of guys thought it would be an absolutely sick idea to challenge a kebab shop owner to a wrestling match and if they managed to win then they would get their delicious falafel for free.

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To be fair, this is an absolutely sick idea because who wouldn’t want to get a free kebab? There was one quite big problem for the dude though, because the kebab shop owner turned out to be a complete and utter badass and kicked the absolute holy shit out of him when they went head to head:

Unlucky mate, at least you tried though. Gotta put your hand in your pocket and fork out some moolah for those kebabs now though.

Can we take a second to appreciate what an absolutely genius idea this is though? Imagine if every kebab house you know did this? It would be absolute carnage on a Friday night if you could get a free kebab if you wrestled the owner of the store. To be honest you could probably just go out and take a few beers to the kebab store and have an awesome night just watching all the wrestling matches. Beats going to Oceana or whatever hands down.

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