You Can Now Buy The Most Expensive Kebab In The World In London

World's Most Expensive Kebab

Only £950.

I’m pretty sure that most people reading this probably think of a kebab as a greasy treat they might get at the end of a particularly heavy night out that you’ll shit out the day after and wonder what the hell you were thinking. Sometimes you might have a ‘classy’ one when you go out for a meal with the boys after a five a side match or something, but it’s a rare occurrence and not really something that you’re looking to spend a lot of money on.

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If you were though, the option is now available at Havez in Canary Wharf in London. The head chef there Onder Sahan has developed the most expensive kebab in the world, clocking in at around £950 a portion and made from wagyu beef, 25-year-old vinegar, and a mix of other fine ingredients.

Here’s a video detailing how it’s made:

I mean yeah, that looks delicious and I respect this guy for trying to change attitudes towards kebabs, but the fact that it costs £950 is absolutely outrageous. I mean is it really going to be 200 times better than whatever I pick up from F.C. Kebab House on a Friday night?

If you’re wondering who would actually be insane enough to spend £950 on a kebab, then you don’t really need to look any further than the location of the restaurant. You just know it’s gonna be full of banker twats trying to buy as many kebabs as possible to show off to all their mates about who is the richest. Typical.

I suppose it’s not as stupid as the sandwich that costs $2.8million though is it?


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