Guy Doesn’t Let Broken Arm Stop Him Fighting; Uses Cast To Brutally Beat Down His Opponent

Catalina Wine Fight

That’s a stone cold knockout.

Whenever alcohol and machoism mixes, it normally ends in violence which is why a lot of sporting events ban booze.

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Unfortunately, you can’t really ban alcohol until you’re actually inside the arena and when you’re tailgating before a big American football game then the propensity for violence exists as well. There’s not really much information about what’s going on here, other than it seems to have occurred before the big Chattanooga LSU game over the weekend – I’m assuming LSU is Louisiana State University  – and it involves a hell of a lot of drunk people.

Check it out from three different angles in the videos below, but watch out for the guy with the cast on his arm – that’s one hell of hit to knock that guy out cold:

Ouch. Probably shouldn’t really keep pounding on him when he’s down and clearly unconscious (not to mention the fact it didn’t really seem like he was doing anything violent beforehand and was just trying to break up the fight) but I suppose that’s what happens when you’re a meathead jock and you’re tailgating. The LSU police are apparently investigating the incident, but what that’ll actually achieve I’m unsure.

For more of the same, check out this video of a guy snapping his leg in two whilst trying to impress people tailgating. Oof.


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