Dumbass NFL Fan Tries To Show Off To His Friends; Ends Up Snapping His Leg In Two (NSFL)


The ultimate ‘Merican.

One of the greatest American traditions is tailgating before an NFL game, as everyone just turns up to the car park of the stadium and gets absolutely hammered before the match starts, listening to music and talking about sports. It looks like an absolute blast.

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Of course, that means that a lot of stupid shit goes down before the game and I think this can be exemplified in the video that we see below. It features a Buffalo Bills fan who’s getting a little bit too excited before the game, and decides to jump off the roof of his car onto a table.

I’ve got no idea why he would even think that was particularly cool or impressive – but clearly he did as he attempted it. However, it really doesn’t end so well for him as the table smashes upon impact which causes his leg to twist completely the wrong way and break pretty much in two. Ouch:

Yeah, that’s not so good. The way his leg is bent out of shape and all flimsy when he rolls out off the table really is something else.

No news if he’s OK or whatever, but at least he proved to everyone else at the tailgate who partied the hardest and was the craziest. No news on if the table managed to get repaired either, which is probably a more serious issue as it could seriously affect future tailgates. We’ll try and keep you informed.

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