Watch This Guy Explain How He Runs A Legit Autoshop In The Day, Then A Chop Shop At Night


He’s unbelievably rich thanks to his criminal enterprises.

The closest I’ve ever come to a Chop Shop is GTA obviously, but I’ve no doubt that these facilities operate in real life – I just got no idea where or how.

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Thankfully, earning millions of dollars off of criminal enterprises isn’t enough for some people unless they can brag about it to the world and so Sparks is here to tell us all about how he operates a legitimate business that turns into a Chop Shop in the midnight hours out of Oakland, California. Take it away champ:

‘Pop goes the weasel – that car’s mine’. Sounds like this guy has been in the game a long time and knows exactly what he’s doing, and he’s probably going to be in it for a long time to come, making all kinds of bucks.

Not really sure if it’s such a good idea to wear a really crappy skull mask and appear in a viral internet video talking about being a career criminal though – it can’t be that hard for the cops to figure out who this guy is, surely? I guess he knows better than me though and he can probably break my legs for even mentioning something like this so I should probably just shut up and congratulate him on what seems like an excellent business plan.

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