A Guy Got So Drunk He Took A Shit On The Platform Of The London Tube

Poop 2

Oh God.

Everyone has those days when they get a little too wasted and do something that they might regret, but it’s very rare that you end up doing something so rank and awful that it becomes an overnight viral sensation.

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This happened to one man over the weekend in London though who overindulged in whatever he was partaking in and ended up pulling his pants down whilst waiting for the tube and letting out a turd right there and then on the platform. To make matters even worse, he then just sat there with his pants down and passed out whilst everyone came along and took pictures and videos of him:

Poop 2

Man you’ve gotta feel embarrassed for that guy haven’t you? But I suppose as well you should be able to know your limits on a night out and not end up pooping yourself on a train platform on your own and effectively passing out in it. Just saying.

No idea what happened to the dude but at least in the video someone has put a coat over him and helped him out a bit so everyone wasn’t just laughing at him. Hope he’s OK and not eternally embarrassed about this footage, although I can’t really say how that couldn’t be the case though. I guess you can’t really see his face so there’s that – fingers cross for the guy.

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