Watch This Gigantic Turd Refusing To Get Flushed Down The Toilet


That’s a hell of a floater.

We’ve all had those days when you sit on the toilet and can’t believe what’s just come of your ass, but it’s safe to say that they’ll normally disappear down the drain and out of our lives forever, even if it does take a couple of flushes to do so.

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It seems like this isn’t the case for everyone though as the video that was kindly shared on Facebook below proves. In it, some unknown person has dropped an absolute log into the toilet basin and there is absolutely no way that it is moving or going down the toilet, no matter how many flushes it’s exposed to.

Take a look at this – it’ll blow your mind:

Geez. It’s hard to believe that that even came out of someone’s ass really isn’t it? Looks more like an elephant turd or something, but that’s completely ridiculous as we all know that elephants can’t sit on human toilets right?

Another question that needs to be answered is regarding how the hell they got that thing out of there? I know that the guy filming it has rubber gloves on, but I’m still kinda reluctant to think that he actually wanted to pick that monstrosity up and chuck it in the trash. Just picture it in your head for a second. Rank.

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