Guy Dresses Up As Girl And Walks Around Los Angeles, Still Gets Cat Called

Drag Queen Walks Streets LA

It seems like every comedian on the planet is parodying this video.

Following on from the original video of a woman walking for ten hours around New York City and getting cat called by almost everyone she encountered (or so you would believe from the two minute video), we’ve seen the parody versions of a guy walking the streets for ten hours and porn star Kayden Kross catcalling guys, but this new video from First Nada might be the funniest one yet.

Nada is quick to state that he doesn’t mean any disrespect with this video in which he dresses up as a drag queen and wonders around LA for ten hours. Having said that though he doesn’t really put that much effort into being a drag queen as he’s just a dude wearing women’s clothing that also has a hipster goatee beard, so it’s fairly obvious he’s not a woman. Inevitably though, he still gets cat called by pretty much everyone he encounters.

Go figure. Unfortunately I guess that’s just the world we live in these days.


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