Insane Guy Decides An Arctic Blizzard Is The Best Time To Take His First Surf Lesson


No time like the present.

You might be aware that New York is currently suffering a particularly dastardly blizzard and in that situation I’m sure most of us would stay wrapped up indoors, probably hoping to Netflix and Chill if possible.

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Not everyone is the same as you and I though, as one guy thought that this would be the perfect time to learn to surf, despite the fact that the conditions were absolutely terrible and he was going to be doing so on his own. Luckily, a news reporter was able to catch him on his return from the water and he gave the typical stoned out surfer interview – it’s almost too good to be true:

Wow. I love the way he’s just so nonchalant about everything, walking up off the beach, saying it’s his first time surfing like it’s a completely normal endeavour.

The best part has gotta be where he asks if the van can give him a lift back to the car – he obviously wasn’t having such a good time out there while freezing his ass off. What the hell did he expect was going to happen? That he was just going to be completely sick at surfing and nail the waves? Guy is lucky he didn’t die, and his reasoning about the wind is completely nonsensical. You’ve got to wonder how people like that exist in real life.

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