A Guy Is Cutting A Finger Off Every Monday Until Police Officers Admitting Raping His Wife


Extreme measures.

If my wife got raped I don’t know what I would do to get even with the perpetrator, but I’m pretty sure that cutting my own fingers off wouldn’t be my chosen method of revenge.

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The same can’t be said of 40 year old Igor Gubanov from the city of Magnitogorsk in the Chelyabinsk Oblast region though, who is chopping off a finger every Monday until the police admit that they raped his wife. The man claims that his wife was raped by a police officer in a cell after both of them were thrown in the slammer overnight for being drunk and disorderly (graphic picture of a severed finger below):

My wife said she told the officer: ‘What are you doing? I’m old enough to be your mother!’ and he punched her in her neck and the legs.

The next day, we went to the police station, but they refused to refer us for a medical examination.

They immediately started threatening us with different charges, saying we were filing a false report and resisting an officer of the law, and that we’d go to prison for it.

They claim they have reviewed the tape and there is no evidence of foul play on there, but if this is true then why won’t they let me see it or release it to the public?


I suppose that’s a good point but I mean come on – this is Russia we’re talking about. Like the corrupt cops over there are going to actually admit that they raped a prisoner? Get real.

I feel sorry for this dude and his wife and the fact that they’re never going to get justice over there, but is cutting his fingers off going to help the situation? It might get international news recognition, but is anyone out there going to head over there to help him?

I hope so but I doubt it. In the meantime, the police are charging him with filing a false police report which he’ll no doubt end up guilty of and end up back in prison himself. And who knows what’s going to happen to him in there at their mercy?

Messed up, but I suppose that’s unfortunately what Russia is like it seems. I would just give up at this point, but it seems like the dude is determined to see it through having already cut off two of his fingers. Jesus.

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