Guy Chooses Surprise Tattoo For His Friend And Gets Him The Most Brutal One Possible


With friends like these…..

The whole stigma around tattoos for a lot of people is that you’re going to change your mind about what you get inked on your body at some point in your life so it’s not really worth it, but imagine if you let someone else tattoo something on your body. You had really better trust that person, that’s for sure.

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Unfortunately for the person in this video, their friend is an absolute scumbag. For some kind of new TV show MTV is getting best friends to choose each other’s tattoos, and the one that this guy chooses for his bud is absolutely unforgivable and leaves him looking absolutely crushed and destroyed.

Get a load of this:

Wow. That’s some of the best television I think I’ve ever seen right there. That guy is never going to be able to go to the beach or the swimming pool ever again unless he pays for a very expensive removal.

Absolutely savage prank. How did his mate even come up with that for a design? Guy is twisted.

Also as an aside, was that the singer from Royal Blood hanging out in the studio as well? What the heck has this got to do with him?

For more absolutely terrible tattoos, check out this one. Completely dumb.


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