This Guy Busted For Magic Mushrooms Has The Happiest Mug Shot Ever

Happiest Mug Shot Ever

Breaking with tradition, this guy absolutely nailed his police mug shot.

Normally when you get a police mug shot, you’re probably going to look really sullen and deflated because you’ve been arrested and are banged up in a prison – you’re not exactly going to be in the best of moods are you?

That’s why this picture is so outstanding, because the guy is absolutely loving it. His name is David Kalb and he’s from Pennsylvania and he was arrested for growing weed and magic mushrooms. I guess that explains it.

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David Klab

Police found Kalb loitering around outside his neighbour’s apartment and asked him to show them the insides of his house for some reason. Once inside they found over 70 magic mushrooms and a couple of kilos of weed. They also discovered ‘mason jars containing active ingredients to manufacture psychedelic mushrooms.’

I’m guessing Kalb must have been completely off his face when they took him into the station to get booked because there’s absolutely no reason why he would look so happy otherwise – if he gets convicted (which he most likely will) then he could be going to jail for ten years. He’s got a preliminary hearing on December 15th and is currently being held on $10,000 bail. Maybe he will be a little less high when he appears in court – here’s hoping for his sake.

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