Weirdest Mugshots Ever #2

Mugshot - Freaks - Half A Head - Halfy

Here’s your second installment of freak mugshots. This episode includes a man with half a head and a bloke with a head bigger than Vanessa Feltz’s arse.

If you missed the first episode of this wonderful wander down freak nut crime lane, click here. If you already saw it you’ll know what to expect. Today we will start with the following category of mugshot morons. You know, freaks up get banged up and have mug shot photos that make them look completely 100% INSANE. Let’s start with the obvious category…


Some criminals look dumb, but some look like the kind of muttafukkas you want to keep well away from. The kind you should never, ever, under any circumstance invite into your home for a cup of tea. Here’s a couple of chillers:

Mugshot - Evil - 1

Mugshot - Evil - 3

Below is Deborah Smith, yeah, Deborah’s a girls name right? Check the 1000 mile stare and goatee on this wench…

Mugshot - Evil - 4 - Deborah Smith

Mugshot - Evil - 5 - Caius Veiovis

I didn’t find Caius Veiovis, above, too frightening initially. I thought he would be one of those odd but withdrawn body modification types. But he’s going down for kidnapping, killing and burying three Hells Angels members in Massachusetts. *Gulp*.

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