This Guy Just Broke The World Record For Combining Necking Beer With Olympic Running

Corey Bellemore


Once again, here’s a guy who has decided to excel at one of the stupidest tasks known to man and thanks to his efforts, he now has a place in the world record books and the hearts of everyone whose stopped to read his story, which has obviously gone viral.

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His name is Corey Bellmore, and he’s just broken the record for the beer mile. This probably isn’t quite what you think, but instead involves chugging a beer and then running around a 400m race track four times in a row. Guess how long it took him to do that? Watch the video below and find out:

Sorry that didn’t actually tell you, you just got to see the last 100m of it which he doesn’t even seem to be doing particularly fast. Anyway, Corey managed to do this feat in an incredible 4 minutes 33 seconds. Take a second to process that because that really is a phenomenal achievement, especially when it looks like he isn’t even running that fast in the video above.

Corey was drinking a craft beer from his native Ontario called Flying Monkeys, which he claims is the fastest beer in the world. To make things even funnier as well, he actually broke his own record with this run. Seems like he’s found his calling – hopefully he’ll be able to shave some seconds off next year too.

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