Guy Attempts To Back Out Of Petrol Station Robbery By Saying He Was Only Kidding

Petrol Station Robbery

Good joke buddy.

In the town of Bismarck, North Dakota, a very unusual robbery attempt went down recently, as the perpetrator decided to back out of it halfway through and tell the petrol station cashier he was robbing that he had just been kidding.

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Sgt. Mark Buschena tells the story:

The clerk at the store, a 36 year old Bismarck man, told police that a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants came in and demanded money and reached into his pants as if for a weapon.

The clerk said he told the robber that he would call the police, at which point the man told him that he was kidding, used the bathroom and headed out of the store.

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A Bismarck police officer recognised the suspect from a surveillance video and found him at a motel.

He was then taken to the Burleigh County Detention Centre.

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Lol. I mean is it just me or does that sound a bit harsh? Granted, the cops probably don’t have that much to do in Bismarck, but the guy kinda apologised and slunk off into the night to his motel (crack den), so you would think the cops could spend time on maybe tracking down someone that had actually committed a robbery (or just any old crime) rather than wasting their time with this loser.

What an absolute joke though – I suppose it does at least give you some confidence in their police force though in being able to solve a (non) crime so quickly. Kind of.

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