This Guy Asked 1000 Girls For Sex As His Opening Line On Tinder


Straight to the point.

Tinder is complete trash and basically just an app that gets you to hook up with someone really quickly, but I suppose that is the reason why pretty much everyone loves it. It’s just always there for you when nobody else is, isn’t it?

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Despite the fact that everyone knows it’s a hook up app, you do actually have to put in a bit of effort with it and can’t just ask girls for sex straight away. At least not in my experience, but the guy behind the Whatever YouTube channel (who has asked random girls for sex out of nowhere multiple times) decided to see how this tactic actually would go down.

He waited until he had 1000 matches on Tinder (probably didn’t actually take that long) and then proceeded to ask every single one of them the same question: ‘hey, do you want to have sex?’ You can see the results of his little experiment below, along with some detailed stats on how the girls answered near the end of the video.

How do you think this all panned out for him?

Well, if I’m honest I thought he probably would have got a lot more positive responses other than just 2.5%. Kinda disappointing really, but I suppose you could count any response as a kind of success so it’s more like 20%. I mean you can always work with the fact that they replied, right? They must like you a little bit if they’re willing to do that.

In any case, those are the figures you’re working with if you’re thirsty on Tinder and don’t wanna put the effort in. I think if you apply yourself enough, then you’ll be able to make them work.

In fairness though, this isn’t even that bad a use of Tinder. If you really want to see the worst of the worst though, check out our weekly Tinder round up. You just can’t beat it.


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