Watch This Tough Guy Suddenly Turn Into A Pussy When Someone Steps Up To Him

Tough Guy House Party

This is literally the quickest mood change in history.

We’ve all known that one kid at high school – or even in the workplace – who talks a good game and thinks he’s hot shit but most definitely 100% isn’t. Whilst we all would probably let him run his mouth and think he’s the bomb most of the time, there comes a time when you just have to shut him down.

This is one of those occasions, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get as humbled as this guy does as he goes from being a complete loud mouth gangster wannabe to a little pussy bitch boy in about half a millisecond. Watch and learn.

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Wow. How about that huh? I don’t think that guy could have been less of a gangster there if he tried after the other guy pushed him in the neck. It’s like he’s instantly scared of this other dude merely because it’s his house. Or because he could probably beat the shit out of him.

Either way the tough guy persona is completely lost. It’s almost like he’s faking the whole thing because the turn is so quick and unbelievable, but I think we’ve all met people like this before in our lives and it probably is true.

What an absolute pussy. I hope he gets completely rinsed for the rest of his life over this one.

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