This Guy Abused His Ex Girlfriend So Badly That He Has To Tell The Police Every Time He Starts A New Relationship


What is wrong with some people?

You often hear tales of domestic abuse within relationships and wonder just what the hell would possess people to engage in that in the first place, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard about anyone who was so bad that he literally has to tell the police every time he gets a new girlfriend so that they can warn her about the shit that’s she going to endure.

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That’s exactly the situation that 29 year old Jonathan Binks finds himself in now though after he was finally convicted of abusing and harassing three different women. He was sentenced to 40 weeks in prison for his crimes as well.

One woman – 22 year old Chloe Buck (pictured below) – has bravely come forward to tell of her nightmare relationship with Binks, with whom she had two children:

Chloe Buck

 He was set on getting me pregnant and wanting a family from the outset. I got pregnant within a month.

When I was pregnant, the controlling became more intense. His excuse would be “you are carrying my baby”.

When my first little boy was six weeks old, he attacked me and kicked the Moses basket over when the baby was in it.

When I was pregnant the second time, he kept saying it wasn’t his and he threatened to push me down the stairs if I didn’t have it aborted.

He poured a tub of white paint over me when I hadn’t painted the nursery to his standards.

He said awful things about the way I looked, about my body, convinced me that no one else would want me.

When I said I wanted to leave he would get violent – so I felt it was safer for everyone if I stayed.

When I was with him, he would see my vulnerabilities and use them against me.

He was always smart in how he assaulted me, he never hit my face. He painted me out to be the abuser and a psycho. He is a very good convincer.

Although there have been two more victims, it’s nice that people have now believed me.

Many times I thought, is this going to be my life? I’m never going to escape this and one day he is going to kill me.

Now he’s inside, I’m hoping I can try to move on, I feel like I can breathe again.

Chloe Buck 2

What an absolute piece of work – he should really have been jailed for longer for the way he’s treated these women. It’s also not such good news that he’s only going to be on the inside for just over 40 weeks because it sounds like he’s probably going to come after Chloe when he’s out, especially as she’s the mother of his two children. And God only knows how he treated the other two women as well and intends to do to them as well. Would really help if he was locked up a lot longer I think, although it is great that any other woman who he starts a relationship with will have to be informed of his past as well.

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