Here’s A Guide To Which UK Beers Have Fish Guts In Them

Christmas Beers

Be careful what you’re drinking this Christmas.

It’s common knowledge – or at least should be if you pay attention – that a lot of beers have fish guts in them. Whenever people tell me this I just try and laugh it off and pretend I don’t hear them so I don’t have to think about it, but the fact of the matter is that it’s true and I’ve always known it.

However, it’s not true of every single beer over here and we’ve prepared this guide for you so you can tell what you should be drinking this Christmas when you head to the pub or supermarket.

In case you’re wondering, beer contains fish guts because most of it is strained through something called isinglass which is basically dried fish swim bladders. It’s a form of collagen used to make the yeast sediment settle more quickly, but some tiny particles of fish guts remain in the finished product. Yuck.

More and more brands are moving over to becoming vegetarian/vegan though and eliminating isinglass from the filtration process. To be honest a lot already have. Check it out below:

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DTE1NH Two cans of Carling lager

Fish Guts

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