Is This The Grossest Room In History?

Grossest Room Ever

Wait until you see the toilet.

Some people say my room is pretty gross but this is next level. It even makes that really gross hoarder woman whose place Ross from Friends goes back to in one episode look sparkling clean.

The Redditor who posted the pictures explained that she had taken them because his roommate was an avid Redditor, and hoped that if he saw pictures of his squalid room on Reddit then he would be internet shamed into cleaning it up. We can only hope for the sake of the original Redditor that it worked because this place is positively rancid.

The guy looks like he has lived on takeaways since literally the day he moved in there as I don’t think I’ve even had as many takeaways in the last year as there are in this picture. So many, fucking everywhere, all over the room. You can’t even walk across the floor because there is crap absolutely all over the place. You can’t even tell where he sleeps or does anything in his room as there doesn’t seem to be any free space anywhere between the towers of trash.

The bathroom is even worse. I mean I could maybe understand not cleaning away a takeaway straight away, but to never clean up your bathroom is just completely fucked up and weird, especially when the toilet starts looking like that. I mean what the hell are all those yellow drips flowing down from the toilet rim? Apparently it’s a set in cleaner that the guy is too lazy to clean off so it just kind of grows there for a bit. Yuck.

The guy says that the whole place stinks to fuck and the fact there’s a fan in there blowing stuff around makes it even worse because this just blows the smell all over the house. The roommates don’t even use the toilet there, even if someone is in the other one in the house and they’re like 10 desperate – they just go outside instead, even if it’s for a dump because it’s that fucking grim in there. Inhumane living conditions. Hope this dude hears this and gets it cleaned up ASAP.

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Immediately to your left

When you step into the room

This was once a loveseat

The bathroom

The toilet

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