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In Russia, someone actually thought that building a toilet off the edge of a cliff was a good idea.

This toilet/outhouse was built in Russia (of course) and is located in Siberia in the Kara-Tyurek mountain pass in the Altai Mountains. It’s 8,500 feet (2600m) above sea level and perches on the edge of a cliff. When you use it, whatever has come out of your body ends up falling that distance into the valley below.

The outhouse exists as it provides the sole means of excretion for the workers in the nearby weather station. I don’t really understand why they didn’t just build a toilet in the weather station, but I guess that’s Russia for you. Instead workers have to trek out to the outhouse and probably have already literally shat themselves at doing this – it doesn’t look that sturdy/safe does it? – before they’ve even sat down to do an actual shit.

Whoever got stationed at that post definitely drew the short straw.

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