Groom Slaps Bride In Front Of Stunned Wedding Guests For Teasing Him With Cake (VIDEO)

Not the best start to married life.

It’s never a great start to married life when the groom ends up slapping his new bride across the face before the night is even over.

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This clip from Uzbekistan is going viral after the husband, unhappy with his wife teasing him with a piece of wedding cake, straight up slaps her in front of everyone.

Watch below:

I know they might not be as ‘advanced’ in Uzbekistan when it comes to treating women with respect, but I just can’t believe no one didn’t get up and ram this dude’s face into the wedding cake before bashing him with a chair. No dad? No brother? No cousin around? 

Not to mention they both look completely miserable even before the slap. Got a feeling this isn’t the first time or the last time he put his hands on her. Very sad stuff indeed.

Not that weddings in the UK are completely drama free – this groom beat the shit out of his wife’s bridesmaids at their reception.


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