Groom Beats Up His Wife’s Bridesmaids At His Own Wedding Reception

Not the best way to kick off married life.

Leaving your wife’s best friend with a fractured cheekbone and severe bruising is one effective way to completely ruin your own wedding day.

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27-year-old John Paul Campbell punched up TWO bridesmaids at his own wedding reception, one of them being his new wife’s best friend who had stepped in to stop him battering the first bridesmaid.

Campbell punched Samantha Dewar full-on in the face and left her needing a metal plate inserted to reconstruct her cheek.

Here he is, the mug:


The prosecutor described the scene:

This was an unprovoked attack which left a serious injury.

It was the defendant’s wedding and the complainant was the bridesmaid. The male got into an argument with another female witness.

She strikes him and he strikes her. The complainant approached the groom from behind and was shouting and he turned around and without warning punched her to the face knocking her to the ground.

Samantha added:

It’s been a nightmare. Everyone was having a nice time at the reception and it was at the end outside in the car park when it happened.

He punched me in the face out of nowhere and knocked me to the floor. It was all so quick and all I can remember is waking up on the floor in agony.

I couldn’t open my eye. The swelling was awful and I couldn’t feel my face. I still can’t feel down the side of my face.

Samantha Dewar, from Macclesfield, was attacked by friend's groom on wedding day when she was bridesmaid

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Campbell, of Queens Avenue, Macclesfield, pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Apparently, Samantha and his wife had been best friends since their school days, but they haven’t spoken since the incident at the wedding, which is kind of lame on the bride’s part.

You wouldn’t have high hopes for any marriage involving a man who thinks nothing of sparking out a female.

Still, perhaps not as ruthless as the way this sore loser ruined his ex-girlfriend’s wedding day.


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