Groom Nearly Dies After Wedding Day Prank Goes Horrifically Wrong (VIDEO)


Good one guys.

Normally the main thing you have to worry about on your wedding day is your lonely uncle Jim getting a bit too pissed and mouthy or maybe some sort of wardrobe malfunction.

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Unfortunately for this bride and groom, the newly wed husband nearly saw the end of his life after a wedding day prank went horrifically wrong.

The Chinese tradition known as ‘nao dongfang’ sees both the bride and groom subject to pranks on their special days. But these guys took it way too far and decided to jump their buddy and spray him with a shit tonne of fire extinguishers. The man was left choking on the floor while his wife screamed, “water, get him some water.” Yeah, good one guys, real funny.

Luckily the groom pulled through. Imagine if he didn’t? How bad would his buddies feel if they had actually killed their best mate on his wedding day? That would’ve been such a pointless way to go.

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