VIDEO: Man Catches Grizzly Bear Trying To Kill Him On His GoPro Camera

Grizzly Bear Chases Man Bike

Real or fake?

This is pretty fucking terrifying – especially when the guy reaches a fallen tree and is forced to get off his bike and head into the forest – but he eventually manages to get away when some gun shots are heard that scare the bear off. There’s obviously a debate going around about whether this is real or not because the bear does look overly shiny and quite fake, but apparently it was on TV over in Montana where it went down so people believe it’s true over there, and with videos like this one of a bear being a complete sickhead we can see why this might be the case.

We’re not so sure though about its authenticity though – take a look and see what you think.

Unsurprisingly, some guys on Reddit with nothing better to do managed to expose the video as a fake by taking some screenshots and revealing that the bear was the only thing in the video that didn’t suffer from motion blur, suggesting that it was added in later. Surprisingly though, the same Redditor also said that he did enjoy the video despite this, saying it was an enterprising use of a GoPro and you couldn’t expect everyone to have a big CGI budget to make a better movie. Fair play.

Reddit Fake Bear Shots


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