Grimsby Fans’ Response To Supporter Ejected For Having An Inflatable Ball Is Incredible (VIDEO)

Grimsby Inflatables

Classic lower league banter.

Earlier on this season, a Grimsby fan was ejected from a ground because he was in possession of an inflatable ball.

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Ever one to demonstrate solidarity with their fellow fans, the Grimsby fans decided to protest against this happening by making sure that everyone in attendance at their next away match was encouraged to being along as many inflatables as they could carry. As such, 919 fans descended on Barnet away and packed out their seating allocation with a bunch of random inflatables, creating what looks like one of the greatest party atmospheres at a football match in recent memory. Take a look at some of these videos:

Looks like a whole lot of fun and is perfectly typical of the mentality of fans in the lower leagues. To top it all off, Grimsby won the match 3-1 as well. Perfect.

For more inflatables, here’s an inflatable sex doll getting sent into space.


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