The Outrage Over Greta Thunberg Winning TIME’s Person Of The Year Is Astronomical

Who should have won instead?

Whether you think Greta Thunberg should be TIME’s Person of the Year or not, I reckon we can all admire the guts it must take for a teenager with Asperger’s to put herself out there on the world stage, especially for a cause like climate change.

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As you might have expected, after becoming the youngest ever recipient of the award, Greta and TIME have been met with astronomical outrage online from people who say she’s either too young to win the award, hasn’t actually achieved anything beyond moaning about the climate, or that climate change is fake.

There are also people who say she deserves the recognition and that it’s good that she got it before the world as we know it ends, but mostly the reaction is looking like this:

Does TIME magazine’s Person of the Year actually matter? Not really, it’s just a list that some guy created. Sure there’s this idea of prestige and notoriety attached to it but at the end of the day, it’s meaningless and doesn’t affect anything whatsoever. Which is what makes it all the more laughable that people are allowing themselves to get so wound up over it.

I do get some of the criticism though. For all the admiration she deserves, the problem with Greta Thunberg is that we’re supposed to accept everything she tells us as fact, and anytime anyone has publicly questioned her they’re accused of ‘bullying’ or making fun of a child.

There’s also the criticism that maybe she could lecture countries like India or China who are way worse offenders of climate change than the US, which actually lowered their emissions in the last year.

Nevertheless, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more from and about Greta in 2020. Did you know there’s a theory out there that she’s a time traveller from 1898? We’ve even got some proof.


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