Grass Eating Church In South Africa

Religion has more than its fair share of nutters. Here’s a congregation in South Africa that eats grass. And not the good kind either.

So how did it all end? Were there glowing orbs of wonder outside the church near Pretoria? Nope. There were people clutching their stomachs and puking. Look:

Lesego Daniel - Church - Eating Grass - puking

Now that’s not a miracle, that’s biology. I’m sure Lesego Daniel would make something up about the vomit being demons released from their bodies. But I think it’s more likely that grass isn’t actually something humans should eat. It has cellulose in it, and we can’t digest it. It makes you sick. Good one Lesego.

Lesego Daniel - Church - Eating Grass - puking 2

There was a backlash on Facebook as you can imagine. People love kicking off on Facebook don’t they? Even though it makes literally no difference whatsoever. But our new-found miracle-working friend Lesego had this to say “God is at work and His people are testifying right now at the farm. TO GOD BE THE GLORY”. Hmmm…

Lesego has got previous weirdness on his record too. He boasts that he can command large audiences to go to sleep, and they will. Maybe that’s just a cover up story to hide the fact that his ridiculously long and boring sermons send the congregation to sleep.

Lesego Daniel - Church - Eating Grass - puking 3

Graze the lord. As the Mirror would say.

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