67-Year-Old Woman Kicked Out Of Bingo For Not Putting Mask Over Breathing Hole On Her Neck

Not cool.

An Ontario woman battling lung cancer was kicked out of her local bingo hall because the surgical hole in her neck, which she uses to breathe, wasn’t covered with a mask.

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67-year-old Elaine Arbeau’s son Joe Gilbert told CTV News:

She was told to leave by management if she didn’t cover up the hole on her neck. She explained that was impossible to do. That’s how she breathes.

Joe says his mum felt embarassed and didn’t want to cause a scene so she voluntarily left. He says when she got to the car park she started crying. Not cool!

My mom was beside herself and floored.

Here’s a Facebook post he made regarding the incident, alongside pictures of sweet old Elaine crying:

Well nobody likes to see that, do they? I mean imagine your 67-year-old mum in tears because she was basically given a choice between breathing oxygen or suffocating to death playing bingo. Who are these heartless bingo hall workers who couldn’t make an exception given the extraordinary circumstances here?

Then again, it is a little bit surprising that a 67-year-old woman battling lung cancer would put herself at risk of catching COVID by going to a bingo hall in the first place. I mean everything about her basically ticks the “high risk” boxes that governments around the world have laid out. Maybe she just doesn’t give a shit at this point? Which would be fair enough really. Or maybe she just loves playing bingo that much that she’s willing to put it all on the line. Either way, #TeamElaine on this one. Sort it out, Canada!

For the 103-year-old grandma who recovered from COVID-19 after being treated for less than a week, click HERE. What a trooper.


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